I would like express our complete opposition to the radical change proposed for the boundary lines. As recent residents of Hunter's Park, we specifically purchased a home in the East area so our daughter could continue to attend East with all of her former classmates. As a parent, I am sure you know how important these relationships are to children and especially teens. I know East is crowded and it has been crowded since they moved in the 9th graders, while Ordean has plenty of space. When you change boundaries instead of exploring other alternatives, you impact resale values of homes and upset the lives of many students and their families. I know our daughter has been involved in East sports teams since the 7th grade, has
a letter jacket and very much identifies with the school. She also has taken advantage of many Advance Placement opportunities and has always carried 7 classes. It is not an idle threat on our part to say that we would send her to Marshall rather than Central, for the simple reason that she at least has some friends there and may be challenged academically. I certainly hope you don't go through with this ridiculous plan, as I don't think the public schools will recover from it.