Dear members of the board,

Thank you for your attention to this issue, and for taking the time to read this email in what I'm sure must be an excruciatingly busy and hectic day.

You will be receiving, or likely have already received, two alternate proposals regarding the school boundaries from Superintendent Almanza. The difference in these two plans, as I am aware of it, is Chester Park school. In one plan, Chester remains in the East district. In the other,
Chester is moved into the Central district.

You should know that the vast majority of Chester parents are in favor of the plan in which Chester remains in the East district. People feel this way for a variety of reasons. But most of the parents say they purchased their homes in this neighborhood because of the reputation of excellence in the East schools, and paid more for the privilege. We do not want our choice taken from us.

You should also know that many, many parents are talking about pulling their children out of the public schools altogether. They are fed up and angry. They feel powerless. People are talking about private school and they're talking about home schooling. I personally know of five families three from Chester and two from Congdon, with a total of 12 children that are now forming a plan for homeschooling. My own son came home from school yesterday and asked if I would please home school him from now on.

The way I understand the figures, if just 125 students leave the public schools, you will lose $500,000. From the mood of parents in the meetings I attended, I would say that 125 is a virtual certainty.

I'm asking you to please consider all of the ramifications before making your decision on this.

Thank you very much.