I know I've already sent you a letter but i am still really worried. i just wanted to say, that i know your job has got to be tough but please consider options other than kicking kids out of east. Lots of people have been 'east super fans' their whole lives and if this line changing thing happened they'd have to go to central. School spirit is important, I've been taught that since who-knows-when. If the board went through with this school spirit would be out of the question for a lot of kids. 

When I was in the car the other day I was thinking 'i could be really lonely and depressed next year if I have to go to a school that I don't want to go to,' it scared me because what if some people become so depressed that their suicidal or become the next person to do a school shooting I know that's a stretch but you never know. It's one scary thought though.

I'm not trying to make the school board mad or anything I just want you to know what I think. Please think of the kids when you have to vote.

good luck on a hard decision,


My Reply


Thank you for your message. I understand your worries. I wish I could assure you that you will be just where you want next year but I can't do that. If you are a senior or junior at East you will almost certainly continue there. Even if you are a Freshman or a Sophomore I think you will be able to stay...that is if East remains open. 

In the email I sent you earlier I explained that I want East and Central to merge. If that were to happen you would still be with all your friends and new ones as well.

Watch us closely on the School Board. We have some very tough decisions to make. Wish us well.


Harry Welty