To the Duluth School Board -

I'm sure you are getting lots of negative feedback on the new proposals. As a parent of four, I wanted to let each of you know that there are many people that think this plan is long overdue and will help our entire school district enormously. Unfortunately, people don't tend to voice their opinions when they aren't trying to change your mind. I think that making each corridor equal and strong will keep students in the public system and may even bring a few back. As far as the new East/Central boundary, the more you take the better as there's comfort in numbers. I hope that you don't have to reduce the school day hours but can accept the fact that this may be necessary. I am so impressed that this plan will do more than save money. It makes the corridors equal in grade configuration, feeder systems, numbers, and as an end result, quality. I am also pleased when the article in the paper today addressed the educational needs of lower income children.

While I understand people do not like change, I hope you do not
let their fears and emotions make you alter a fantastic plan that will
benefit the entire city!