Governor Ventura gets no criticism from me for his "stark and stingy education budget", and your buddy Jim Fetzer gets no sympathy from me regarding his recently published rhetoric regarding the possible effect of that budget on UMD. This brouhaha has me thinking that perhaps Minnesota government should be providing no money directly to any schools, colleges and universities, but instead should be providing vouchers for persons required or electing to attend such institutions. I suggest that such a voucher program would introduce desirable market pressures and fairness into the financing of education by taxpayers.


My Reply

Hi Vic,

I've pointed out to many people the same thing that the State Chamber of Commerce President did today on public radio - that there are plusses in the Governor's proposal. Having said that his financing plan hits us hard in Duluth. Very hard.

I just want us to use tax money we have prudently. I think two high schools is a better idea than closing so many more elementary schools. Our current budget predicament gives us a chance to come up with a rational facilities plan while Jesse takes the heat that the School Board would otherwise get.