LiseLunge-Larson is a great and spirited speaker. She is well known for going to schools to tell stories and has recently authored one herself. She was something of a model for me as I began visiting schools to read to children.

Unfortunately she was way off base calling Washburn, Kenwood, Cobb, Merritt and Lakeside all private schools.

Here's the real story:

Washburn        It is an Edison School. This is a public school just like the ISD 709 schools.

 Kenwood          Likewise this is an Edison Public School

Cobb             This building was sold to the private         Woodland Hills which uses the building to house children on Intensive Day Treatment mostly from the Duluth Public Schools.

Merritt             This is a Duluth School Build which is used by the private Northwood Children's Home which uses it to teach children sent from all over the nation who are in need of special services.

Lakeside         Here Lise is correct. St. Mary's purchased this building and now uses it for an elementary building

The three building which were purchased would have been torn down at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars. The sale prices for these buildings was modest but cheaper than razing them would have been.