FBI Stuff

When the FBI demanded that Donald Boyd surrender every scrap of information relating to his businesses he complied. The files for his many activities filled 28 bank boxes. To insure that he had this material for his lawyer to refer to he had everything duplicated at his accountants office. The FBI seized this as well leaving him without much of the evidence he would need to defend himself.

After his release from prison he submitted a request for his seized materials in order to begin the process of vindicating himself. Eight bank boxes were returned. Later he was told by the FBI agents who had arrested him that everything had been thrown out.

In 1999 Boyd made another request for his seized files from the FBI. This is the letter he was sent. His request for 10,000 pages was met with the return of 41 pages of heavily blacked out files and a terse discouraging comment about any further requests he might make for return of the files:

"...should you desire to request the remainder of this file, it will be considered a new request and placed at the end of the large case queue." This was the FBI's way of telling Don, "Squeue you!"