Cast of Characters

Alan Ballavance

Sheila Ballavance

Robert Beaudin

Armando Deyonnes - 

State Commissioner of Economic Development - Advised Boyd to give Don's boss, Michael Pintar, whatever he demanded from Don or that Don would be in big trouble - Uncle of Sheila Ballavance

Freeman Johansson

Robert Kinsman -

Friend and ex-aide of Hubert Humphrey - told Don that there was somewhere in the neighborhood of five million dollars missing or misused at the state level. Kinsman put together the three investors who formed the Pallet Test Corporation - He died of blood cancer shortly before Boyd was released from Sandstone Prison.

Ron Morkved

Director of NEMO: Northeastern Minnesota Development Board 

John Muldoon

William O'Rielly

Barbara Pintar

Michael Pintar

Gordon Schunerman 

"El Gordo" - according to Boyd a bagman for the DFL traveling the state to collect cash - joked that he invented the expense account - Boyd refused to hire him for the Small Business Center