Harry Welty                       

How to Help Harry get elected to Congress

By Internet

Start with an email to Harry

He's busy so don't expect a lengthy reply (He's writing a book at the moment)

And spread the good word on the Internet.

Twit, or is that tweet? about Harry and pass out links to his blog and or website.

By $

When Harry puts his book up for pre-orders buy one.

If you'd like to give Harry a financial gift before he offers pre-orders he will use it in his campaign this summer when advertising will be necessary. Make a check to "Vote Like it Counts" or simply to "Harry Welty."  If Harry does not use it he will reimburse you at the end of the campaign or donate any remaining cash to a charity. He will be declaring all such gifts as income for tax purposes but will deduct that portion that may be returned to contributors.

As Harry hasn't reviewed all the financial regulations for a Congressional campaign this is a tentative plan but it seems logical.

Gifts to Harry should be sent to his home: 2101 E 4th St. Duluth, MN 55812

Any gift of $25 or more will be considered the sale of Harry's planned book tentatively titled Rats' Sacrifice and will cover the cost of shipping. Be sure to include a return address.

Credit card gift/sales will not be possible until Harry officially begins the pre-sale of Rats' Sacrifice.