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Bookin it

Or how Harry plans to pay for a Congressional campaign.

Harry has been researching a book on the 1970's politics of Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District since he ran against Jim Oberstar for the second time in 2006. After six years Harry has started writing it. He doesn't think he will have it finished by the June filing deadline. He should be close by the November election day. He will begin taking pre-orders for the book once he has completed the first fifth of it. Because he does not wish to leave the book's writing to fund raise he will used payments for books ( which will be Harry's personal earnings) and spend that on the campaign. This will eliminate the need for complicated Federal campaign donation forms. Since there is no limit to personal expenditures by a candidate Harry will be able to devote the campaign to writing the book.

The Book has a working title of Rat's Sacrifice. You can read a little more about it in Harry's Bookin it posts on his blog.

The idea of writing a book to sell to pay for a congressional campaign first came to Harry when he ran for Congress in 1992. Harry challenged Congressman Jim Oberstar and sold a book he had written to raise money. Harry got 7% of the vote.

The first book Harry wrote was begun for entirely different purposes. He was a stay at home Dad in the late 1980's and read a great deal to his children. He began to imagine writing his own children's book. It was well under way when he decided to run for Congress. With the Republican Party hostile to his moderate views he decided to run as an Independent which insured he would have no political party funds to draw from. He thought he might manage by selling his book. It was an Adventure Story called Visit to the Attic. http://www.snowbizz.com/Books%20Page/VTTA/visitto.htm

He ended up with many thousands of unsold books which he couldn't bear to throw away for many years. He got over it.

After his 2006 campaign against Oberstar went nowhere Harry jumped into a local Duluth controversy. He had set up his lincolndemocrat blog for the Oberstar campaign but switched it over to non stop information sharing on what is called the "Red Plan" in Duluth. Over the course of six years Harry believes he's written over a million words on the subject of the Red Plan and the Duluth Schools.

Once again Harry got the idea of writing a book to finance the fight for a vote on the half billion dollar project. He designed a book cover but didn't ultimately have his heart in writing this book. He refunded over a thousand dollars in pre-orders.  The book was to be called the Amazing Colossal Red Plan. http://lincolndemocrat.com/?p=2623  It was a take off on a cheesy B science fiction movie poster from the 1950's