Harry Welty                       

Writing books to finance a cause, lost or otherwise

Harry is attempting to finance his campaign with a book. He first got the idea shortly after he began writing a children's adventure book, Visit to the Attic. He self published it and sold several hundred to pay for a 1992 campaign against Congressman Jim Oberstar. He had a lot of books left over.  Harry has blogged about my hauling the old books to the landfill - http://lincolndemocrat.com/?p=1068

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Harry revisited the idea of selling a book, this time a political book, in 2006 when he ran for the second time against Oberstar. Harry had no idea the book would become an obsession or that documenting it would take so much time.  It remained on Harry's backburner long after the election. This is the six year old information on an early incarnation of the book http://www.snowbizz.com/BoydScandal/BoydScandal.htm that Harry imagined and put on his old website.


Rather than completing the book Harry found himself embroiled in a local controversy in Duluth which consumed most of his time. Once again he got the idea of documenting the controversy with a book.


Here is the book cover Harry designed                                     and this is the movie poster that inspired it

He sold hundreds of an unwritten book The Amazing Colossal Red Plan through preorders but when the controversy petered out (or really when the opposition petered out in the face of hard reality) he refunded all the preorders and went back to the first book he had started in 2006. That book with a working title of Rats' Sacrifice is well researched and in progress. Its completion date has continually been set back over recent years. Harry hopes to have it completed in the Summer to catch the attention of a larger national audience that would be amused and perhaps thrilled to have such an independent thinker finally find his way into the Congress of the United States. If Harry can capture this St. Elmo's Fire who knows what he might accomplish? In 1992 when he was unknown he drew 7% of the vote against a popular Congressman. Today half of Duluth, the Congressional District's largest city, is grateful for his efforts fighting the Red Plan. Who else might support Harry? Moderate Republicans chased out of the District. Independent voters who constitute 1/3rd of the District's voters. Democrats who have long admired Harry's piss and vinegar. Anyone who values honesty, courage in the face of daunting odds, the ability to write a simple declarative sentence, loves history, or who would vote for a pig for homecoming queen just to annoy the fraternities. Disclaimer - I'm a Phi Delt.