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Eight practical reasons why you should vote for Harry

5. Fearlessly honest and so open that he has left millions of searchable writings that will give voters an assurance of how he feels on most political issues. - More here
6. Fearless in the face of overwhelming political odds. - More here
7. Articulate and well briefed - More here
8. Of an age and temperament not to seek long term employment  - More here
9. Elected experience in the largest city in the District as a school board member who brought order to his public schools - More here
10. When he left the District he fought school board successors who denied citizens a right to vote and brought turmoil to the public schools. - More here
11. Because we live in an era that makes pork barrel politics unlikely his junior status will not harm the Congressional District. - More here
12. A candidate with a rare gift for bipartisanship even in today's toxic political atmosphere. - More here