Harry Welty                       

6. Fearless in the face of overwhelming political odds.

You can get Harry's own description of his start in politics at his old website www.snowbizz.com on this page:

He chose to start a political career running as a Republican after Watergate in one of the most Democratic Districts in the nation. He did it out of the same sort of loyalty to family and party that marooned many other moderate Republicans in a sea of Limbaughism and Moral Majoritarianism. Had he simply become a Democrat he would likely have enjoyed political success early. Many of his Democratic friends urged him to switch parties long ago.

He has often defied convention and filed for office many times when the political winds were blowing against him. Perhaps the best testament to his fortitude was his long stand as a liberal republican in an ever more regressive GOP. Harry has always believed that political parties are better when they seek out compromise and the center. That left him marginalized in his own party but for decades he soldiered on.

Even now he can't bring himself to go along with his new Party's flawed dogmas like dispensing with elections to guarantee the unionizing of a workplace.

At Duluth School board meetings Harry began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance substituting "Allah" for "God" when anti-muslim hysteria began sweeping the nation and wrote about it: http://www.snowbizz.com/Diogenes/NotEudora03/underallah.htm