Harry Welty                       

5. Fearlessly honest and so open that he has left millions of searchable writings that will give voters an assurance of how he feels on most political issues

You have only to read Harry's website www.lincolndemocrat.com to assure yourself of this.

You will see it in Harry's prickly treatment of the editors of the largest news paper in the Congressional district the Duluth News Tribune. Few politicians want to alienate their leading newspaper. Harry has no such qualms. Frankly, Harry thinks the editors aare more afraid of him (although wary may be a better word) than the other way around. A search of his blog will give plenty of evidence of this.

NOTE: Harry's criticism of the DNT is not the hackneyed, age old GOP style taunting of the media as the MSM or Main Street Media.  Harry loves the news. He holds true journalism in high esteem. When it turns its back on the truth so as not to offend readers or powerful public interests Harry loses patience with it. That has been his chief complaint against his local paper since it got caught up in overwrought civic boosterism in favor of the half billion dollar Red Plan. Not from Duluth, Minnesota? Harry's blog has a million skeptical words on the subject.

Perhaps the best illustration of his personal fearlessness are the several times he's faced huge hostile public audiences and didn't back down. He wrote about one such event here: http://www.snowbizz.com/Crisis/eastcorridormtg.htm

No one is too big for Harry take down a peg. He was publicly criticizing Rush Limbaugh years before he left the Republican Party. Here's a 2004 column he wrote for a local tabloid:  http://www.snowbizz.com/Diogenes/NotEudora04/limbaughsbastard.htm