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Four basic policy reasons why you might want to support Harry for Congress.

1. Harry supports Ron Paul's foreign policy - its the original Republican policy - MYOB - More here
2. Harry is sympathetic to Ron Paul's libertarian "keep your government out of my business if its not hurting anyone" point of view - but Harry is no libertarian purist. More here.
3. Unlike Ron Paul or Grover Norquist Harry believes in the same tried and true economic model that is agreed upon by 90% of economists, to wit:

        A. Pay off government debts in prosperous years with taxes not borrowing.
        B. Spend tax money to stimulate economy during depressions/recessions. - More here

4. Recognizes that America is like every other nation and embraces socialism in Social Security, Medicare, Hwy building, etc. Chief interest is in not overpromising what we can provide people. - More here

If Harry has made a comment about any other issues you care about you are likely to find them by typing them in the search function in his blog lincolndemocrat.com or look in the list of general post topics on the right hand side of the blog which you will also find at the bottom of this page.

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Below is the list of subjects that Harry has blogged about. Each item contains some of Harry's posts related to the subject.This list is taken directly from Harry's six-year old blog lincolndemocrat.com