Harry Welty                       

3. Unlike Ron Paul believes in the same tried and true economic model agreed upon by 90% of economists, to wit:
A, Pay off debts in prosperous years with taxes not borrowing.
B. Spend tax money to stimulate economy during depressions/recessions. - More here

I found this post on my blog which has the following snippet on my critical view of Ron Paul's economic theories:

The Sullivan blog posted three video snippets of Ron Paul being interviewed on the Leno Show. He got a standing ovation upon stepping up to the couch. That says more to me than anything I’ve seen from most of the GOP Presidential hopefuls. They are all handcuffed by a party whose power brokers expect them to say asinine things. Unlike the rest Ron Paul is willing to be honest where he has substantive disagreements with GOP malarky. He has only one chief bit of silliness about him. He told Leno there was nothing wrong with our tax system back in 1913. That was before the Federal Reserve Act. Paul wants to relieve Andy Jackson and kill the National Bank.

Hell, My long dead Grandfather and his brother, Bruce, took part in a debate on whether we should have a national banking system in 1908 at their College. (They financed their way through Park College near Kansas City by working on local farms.)

They lost the debate but my Grandfather’s brother went on to write a seminal book on economics which kept getting the text book treatment for years afterward while completing his Doctorate in Economics at one of the Ivy’s. He became the statistician for the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He’d just laugh at Ron Paul’s trying to bring back William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech.