Harry Welty                       

2. I'm sympathetic to Ron Paul's libertarian "keep your government out of my business if its not hurting anyone" point of view. But when Lincoln describes our nation as of the people, by the people and for the people he is describing our government. It may be a necessary evil but it is necessary.

Pure libertarianism is anarchy. Anarchy is the state of nature which the philosopher Thomas Hobbes warned was where human life was short and brutish. Its predators hunting prey. We humans need to find the balance between freedom and restraint. When self restraint fails joint restraint is called for.

I have written a number of blog posts on Ron Paul but I've found none on legalizing some drugs which is one of the ways in which Dr. Paul differs most dramatically from the rest of the GOP. Dr. Paul makes more sense here than even President Obama who has been timid about decriminalizing drug use.

I also agree with Dr. Paul about the Patriot Act. It is a law founded on irrational fear. If we were to institute similar laws in our every day lives we would take away everybody's cars, guns and possibly books.