Harry Welty                       


1. Supports Ron Paul's foreign policy - This is the original Republican policy which developed after World War I  It was often called "isolationism" but could also be called - MYOB (Mind your own business)

From this Lincolndemocrat post:


When I entered college I was not affiliated with either party and like all good contrarians considered such an affiliation a blemish on my independent nature. My Grandfather was a fiercely loyal Republican. His hero was Barry Goldwater champion of the 1964 presidential debacle. A war hero George Robb was torn between his conviction that American Wars were mostly a stupid Democrat affliction on the nation and his stout belief in the old saw "my country right or wrong." (in other words: even if our side is wrong its still our side) He gave me a stern but perplexing lecture about this when I was twelve. He was profoundly sorry to learn that my liberal father, who cursed LBJ's expansion of the Vietnam War, had persuaded his daughter, (my Mother) to vote for the Democrat who would soon expand the war, rather than his hero who seemed intent on dropping a hydrogen bomb on the Vietnamese. [Having had a son who had to sign up for the Selective Service during the War on Terror I now appreciate what my Father must have been thinking when I was in junior high facing a looming war that would not be over until after I graduated from college.]